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Johnnie is in love. What can one say? I looked the girl over.
- Anais Nin, 30 july 1928



First night—just the bed made. No hot water, or telephone, or gas, or light. I was worn out but cheerful and hungry, and I felt a great sense of power because the whole thing was done with order and a thousand obstacles were quickly overcome. In a few days I knew all the electrical terms and all the details of plumbing, the qualities and kinds of woods. I had all my closets made. I bought some paint and started some experiments with color. Even the first night, the house was tidy. Hugh never lacked a button. I kept a notebook, my keys in a bunch with tags on them. I interviewed the architect, had conferences with the concierge, spotted the defects, had them repaired, followed up the workmen, tipped, smiled, offered beer, craftily evaded deceit and cheating, didn't once lose my temper, and learned in a week to handle these perspiring, smelly brutes. - Anais Nin, 28 july 1929 - 

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My canaries are extremely happy here and one of them sings constantly. The other day, from I don't know where, Joaquinito brought home an ugly little black cat with green eyes. later, when I surprised it on top of the canary cage I asked Thorvald to take it away; so today when Joaquinito let go of it for a few minutes Thorvald hid it in his sweater and lost it a long way from here. Joaquinito cried a lot and I was ready to bring it back, but Thorvald had more strength of character than I and refused. - Anais Nin, July 31, 1919

I received a bottle of toilet water, my favorite Royal Begonia by Houbigant. And two canaries. But by accident one of my little singers, along with the one belonging to aunt Edelmira was put on the heater and asphyxiated, to my great sorrow. Another day I would have wept over the death of my little favorites, but not today. - Anais Nin, January 22, 1920

[Anais Nin, Winter, 1947-1948]

Acapulco, Mexico. I am lying on a hammock, on the terrace of my room at the Hotel Mirador, the diary open on my knees, the sun shining on the diary, and I have no desire to write. The sun, the leaves, the shade, the warmth, are so alive that they lull the senses, calm the imagination. This is perfection. There is no need to portray, to preserve. It is eternal, it overwhelms you, it is complete. The natives have riot yet learned from the white man his inven­tions for traveling away from the present, his scientific capacity for analyzing warmth into a chemical substance, for abstracting human beings into symbols. The white man has invented glasses which make objects too near or too far, cameras, telescopes, spyglasses, ob­jects which put glass between living and vision. It is the image he seeks to possess, not the texture, the living warmth, the human closeness.

Here in Mexico they see only the present. This communion of eyes and smiles is elating. In New York people seem intent on not seeing each other. Only children look with such unashamed curi­osity. Poor white man, wandering and lost in his proud possession of a dimension in which bodies become invisible to the naked eye, as if staring were an immodest act. Here I feel incarnated and in full possession of my own body. A new territory of pleasure. The green of the foliage is not like any other green; it is deeper, lacquered and moist. The leaves are heavier and fuller, the flowers bigger. They seem surcharged with sap, and more alive, as if they never have to close against the frost, or even a cold night. As if they have no need of sleep.

But several things happened in the little house. The tank on the roof which supplied water for the bath and for cooking would either run dry or overflow during the night. The insects I pursued with Flytox turned out to be scorpions, who liked to nest behind the straw mats. Rats came at night, ate the food, ran over my body and frightened me to death.When I asked advice from the Mexicans, they counseled resigna­tion. I bought rat poison and began to fight them, but a new batch came every night through the terrace.The young men of the town found out I was living alone and came to call me, or serenade me behind the latticed walls. I would put out the lights and lie in the dark. I had to walk up the steep hill with food and ice.I invited Alice Rahon to stay with me. She brought her long beautiful black hair, her radiant smile, her superb swimming. Her talk was full of fascination.

- Anais Nin, winter 1947-1948

Joaquin does not understand how spoiled I am. Henry gives me the world. June gave me madness. They gave me two beings I can admire. How grateful I am to find two people who interest me unreservedly. They are generous to me in a way I can­not explain to Joaquin. Can I explain to Joaquin that Henry gives me his water colors, and June her only bracelet? Henry reproaches June for falling down in her acting because once she gave herself away in a café. Men who knew me made flip­pant remarks about wanting to sleep with me. June stopped them in an angry way which revealed her love of me. As if I were sacred.  - Anais Nin, early 1932

Louveciennes december 2000

This scenery is just around the corner of Anais' house in Louveciennes. Two worlds apart. 



Since the days of her youtube Alice the Non-Hijabi, Amena is in my focus. For me, Amena is the unreachable type of woman. Back in school, I couldn't get close to such an unreachable classmate. Thanks to Amena's vlogs I now just get a glimpse into her life. Not everyone has to do charity to make the world a better place. Noah did not do this either, but he built an Ark that saved mankind. The harlot Rahab in Joshua 2 also did not engage in charity but she hid the Israeli spies in her house. Amena helps lonely souls like me with her Vlogs. The more I watch her vlogs, the more impressed I am by this extraordinary lady. Judge yourself. (Not to say, I'm in love...) 

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Trinity in Quran

Roman Catholicism Foretold in the Quran? While reading and studying the noble Qur'an, I came across a curious verse. The book in The Prophets (Sura 21 for the ignorant), verse 91: And the One who kept her chastity, so We breathed into her of Our inspiration, and made her and her son a sign to the nations. 1. It continues to strike me that Allah expresses himself in the pluralis majestatis and that, while the oneness of God is just such an absolute given within Islam. Christians tend to view the plural form of God (let us make) in Genesis 1 as a slight reference to the trinity. In any case, this pluralis majestatis makes it easier to recognize the 'I' figure. In other cases, 'I' is none other than the Prophet Muhammad himself. 2. It is also striking that within Islam there is absolutely no doubt about the virgin birth of Jesus. The Quran is more than clear on this. This is more than just a wink to Christianity, but the reason for that is my old-fashioned surprise today. 3. Finally: Mary and Jesus are here seen and set as a sign to the nations. The word 'sign' is the same word as the word for 'verse'. It can also mean 'proof of God'. The verses of the Quran are all signs and proofs of God. The Quran itself is the proof and miracle of Muhammad himself. Here Mary and Jesus are presented to us as EVIDENCE and as a SIGN to the NATIONS! (Note: the word for 'nations' here is 'Aalamien', which also means 'worlds' or anything that God has made). Here a lot of honor is given to Mary and Jesus. Conclusion: if you see Surah 'The Prophets' verse 91 as key verse for understanding the Qur'an and Islam (all arbitrariness in this set aside for a moment) then Roman Catholicism is predicted by the Qur'an. Literally it says that Allah BLOWED out of his spirit (ruH) in Mary. 


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